How to Consign

Please understand that in order to accept an item in our store, we must be confident that we can sell it ("wearable" and "sellable" are very different). Based on our experience we know what will and will not sell. We may agree that the dress you brought in is beautiful or the business suit is fabulous, but not consign it because we know it won’t sell. The world of fashion is a seasonable one. While we may not be able to accept a strapless dress in the winter, we may be looking forward to accepting such an item during the spring or summer. Sometimes we find ourselves overstocked with certain items and therefore be extremely careful about what items we accept into our store. At other times, we may find ourselves with plenty of room and eager to accept a wider variety of items.

• Bring in 5 - 20 of your best items neatly folded

• Items must be cleaned (free of pet hair and smoke), in like new condition.
• No appointments necessary just allow 5 – 10 minutes of your time.

• If sellable they will go on the floor for 60 days.

• As the items sell, you will receive 40% of the selling price.

• Money can be picked up at the store at anytime.

• At the end of its time the remaining items will be donated. Consignors wishing to pick up unsold items must phone 24hours in advance before pickup date.

*If an item is found to be damaged after first inspection it will be donated* 

We accept drop offs daily with the exception of Saturdays.

If you have any questions feel free to give us a call!